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Yes.. and No.
The ionizer industry is undergoing huge change and you, the consumer are the winner, with less expense, better filtration and more of the ‘secret ingredient’ that’s rocking the industry.
But.. you’ll only benefit if you know what to look for.
Spend 15 minutes here and I can promise you that you’ll be able to make good decisions about a technology you will be using for the foreseeable future. You’ll also learn exactly WHY some systems give you health benefits and why, and how to evaluate the ones that DO give you the amazing health benefits possible for water ionizers.

I’ll try to keep it simple. I’ll give you links to more details on every point so you can check up on me!

I’ll cover the following:

The History of Water Ionizers.

On this page, you’ll find a history of the modern water ionizer up to 2008.

Since that time water ionizers have been taken up by a number of Western companies, (AlkaWay included) and sales at their peak exceeded $200 million per year.

If you are already investigating ionized water you’ll know it’s all about:

  • Alkaline water
  • Microclustered water
  • Hydrogen water

Yet… if you choose to look at the history page, you’ll notice something quite strange.

Almost no mention of alkaline water.

  • No mention of microclustered water.
  • No mention of molecular hydrogen.
  • No mention of water purification.

It seems that alkaline water is almost completely a ‘new’ benefit sold exclusively by Western vendors.

“Microclustered alkaline water’ is another fabrication of the American water ionizer vending industry. It has no scientific basis, even though it is promoted as an explanation for apparently better hydration capability. and it’s not mentioned in Japanese literature!

Purification of the water prior to ionizing has remained a low priority.

The period from 2008 to the present is marked by a real scarcity of scientific studies on the effects of alkaline ionized water.

In the history, a period of time is mentioned when many firms began manufacture and selling, to the point where the Japanese Government stepped in with a ‘cease and desist’ order because of wildly exaggerated therapeutic claims.
(These claims came from MLM vendors in Japan.)

MLM is the major selling vehicle in the West.
MLM vendors enjoy relative safety because their distributors are ‘independent’ and so unauthorized claims of therapeutic benefit cannot be slated home to the MLM vendor.

‘Alkaline’ and/or ‘Microclustered’ water ionizers are a marketing term invented in America and used predominantly by the MLM vendors. 

Water Ionizers in Japan

On a recent visit we spent time with the largest vendor of water ionizers in Japan, Nihon Trim. They account for 65% of all domestic sales. (Japanese ionizers sold in the West account for less than 5% in Japan).

They do not support multilevel marketing and have created their own local support network. When you buy a water ionizer in Japan, it is installed for you and supported by a local representative. All water ionizer manufacturers in Japan are required to submit a health approval application to be able to operate.

Nihon-Trim shared their annual sales figures with us, and a little simple calculations reveal that the oft-quoted “one in four households” owning a water ionizer are a gross exaggeration.

Nihon Trim do not call their water ionizers ‘alkalizers’.
Here is their description of their product:

“Electrolyzed reduced water is produced by running tap water through a heavy-duty cartridge to remove impurities such as dissolved lead and chlorine, after which the water undergoes electrolysis. The resulting reduced water is rich in hydrogen (owing to the electrolysis) and has excellent antioxidative properties. Running an electric current through water containing electrolytes (such as mineral ions) triggers oxidation-reduction reactions that would not occur spontaneously. The electrical energy creates oxidized water near the anode and reduced water near the cathode. The water produced near the cathode is called electrolyzed reduced water.”

The Japanese water ionizer industry is very different and far more conservative in their claims than in the West. Every water ionizer in Japan must be registered as a health device.

You have a choice.

There are now a number of alternatives to electrolysis and we’ll talk about this soon. If you prefer to see our own innovation, the UltraStream, here’s a link.

Water Ionizers In America

The American scene has been dominated by one multilevel marketing company, Enagic, selling their Japanese product.

Enagic took over Sanastec in Japan and implemented their multilevel system.

Korean water ionizers are also well represented with brands including Ionia, Nexus, Emcotech, KYK, Tyent, Life, Echo and more. Generally speaking Korean water ionizer are more technically advanced in their self cleanse methods.

Why is this important to you?

Water ionizers without good self cleanse systems built into their design are definitely obselete. To understand this, we need to step back in time. All electric water ionizers use an electrolysis chamber. This separates water with alkaline ions into one stream, and water with acidic ions into another. You drink the ‘alkaline stream’ and some people use the acid water as a cleaner.

Water ionizers were never designed to operate in areas of ‘hard’ water.
Hard water is water with high levels of calcium and or magnesium. When hard water passes through an electrolysis chamber, the alkaline calcium is concentrated and in the ionization process, converts from ‘in solution’ to a ‘suspended’ state, with an ionic charge that makes it attach itself to anything nearby.. the chamber, the hoses, the glass you pour it into…

Vast areas of the USA, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia only have hard water.
Ionizers used in these areas will almost immediately begin to accrete calcium inside them, and unless very regular extended cleansing with acid water is performed, the ionizer will quickly lose its ability to produce and infuse the ‘secret ingredient of ionized water.. molecular hydrogen. Not only will they need a ‘back to the vendor’ deep cleanse regularly, but the beneficial effects of the molecular hydrogen they experience to begin with will vanish.

Amazingly, the big vendors have been very slow to update their technology. For this reason we say these models are indeed obsolete.

Japanese water ionizers sold in the US are not designed for hard water conditions commonly found in the US.

‘Alkaline’ Water?

Is the water from a water ionizer actually alkaline?

It’s an important question if you are buying it to get alkaline water from it.

Electrolysis concentrates the alkaline minerals ALREADY in the water. If there are no alkaline minerals in the water, it cannot deliver any alkalinity. If there is high levels of alkaline minerals in the water, you will get even more minerals.

So does it actually alkalize the water?

No. It concentrates alkaline minerals already present in the water.

Many MLM sellers are still confused over the difference between the terms ‘alkaline’ and ‘high pH’.
Electrolysed water is termed ‘unbuffered’ water, meaning that it will quickly return to neutral when it meets an acid. This is easily tested by dropping a tiny amount of Vitamin C into a glass of electrolysed ionized water.

‘Alkaline’ water with actual alkaline minerals in it is ‘buffered’. This means it is a ‘buffer’or alkalizing ‘store’ that will continue to hold its alkalinity longer in the presence of acids.

Obviously, if we want to ‘top up’ our body’s own buffer of alkaline minerals, buffered water is better.

The big question a potential buyer has to answer is whether unbuffered alkaline water is of value in neutralising our acidic lifestyle, compared to good alkalizing foods and a general alkaline mineral supplement.

After 16 years of studying alkaline diet and water, I believe that diet and supplements are better.

There is an important difference between alkaline water and the water produced by a water ionizer.

Microclustered Water?

Many vendors still talk about ionized water as ‘microclustered water’.

There is no scientific evidence of this.
The effect of drinking ionized water is often termed ‘silky’ or ‘smooth’ and various vendors have claimed this as proof of microclustering.

The reason for this effect is:
1. the mouth is our own pH meter.
2. When the mouth ‘reads’ alkaline in water we drink, it alerts the pyloric valve, our drain valve in our stomach to open up.
3. This helps the alkaline or high pH water to quickly exit the stomach and therefore avoid upsetting the acid balance in the stomach.
The bloating many people experience in drinking ordinary water comes from its pH, which ‘sneaks past the mouth’s pH valve because it is neutral. This water remains in the stomach, causing the bloated feeling many people may have experienced their whole life.

The microclustering idea is also uses to claim better hydration, when in fact alkaline water hydrates better because it is closer to our naturally occurring intracellular fluid.

Microclustering is a sales myth. The ionized water feels easier to drink because it has a high pH.

Negative O.R.P. water?

Before water ionizers, O.R.P. was never discussed.

O.R.P. stands for Oxidation (or) Reduction Potential, and refers to the ability of a liquid to either oxidise (rust) what it touches, or to donate energy to whatever it touches. ‘Potential’ means that it has the potential to oxidise or donate energy. It does not mean it WILL oxidise or donate energy. It is a measurement of the elctrical charge in the water. A positive ORP means the water will oxidise, and usually acidic. A negative (e.g. -300) ORP usually means it can donate energy and it is alkaline.

Recent advances in understanding of the electrolysis process has shown that output water from an ionizer may have high negative ORP but may have little to no antioxidant effect. The reason for this is that if may be producing little or none of the true antioxidant in the water, molecular hydrogen.

Because the designers of these units knew nothing about molecular hydrogen at the time of design, they did not realise that high negative ORP may NOT be the health benefit they thought. It was only a year ago when low cost H2 testing methods arrived from Japan, so no-one in the industry even understood the significance of molecular hydrogen infused into the water.

O.R.P. is only an indicator or the potential, or possibility of an antioxidant effect.
We now know that the real test of the water’s antioxidant effect is a test of H2.

The Truth That Changed Everything.

When young biochemist Tyler LeBaron was sold his electric water ionizer, he believed what the salesman said. He was told it produced alkaline ionized microclustered water. he was also told that he could make a fortune with the MLM company .

As a young lecturer at his University, he decided that if he showed it to his professors, they might order one.. or two.. or more. What happened next was totally unexpected. They laughed him out of the room.

Tyler is a very determined and talented young man. Angry at his rebuff, he decided to get to the truth. he began to use his own profession as a biochemist to analyse exactly what the machine was doing that caused so many people to say it changed their life for the better. When he discovered molecular hydrogen infused with the output water, he was amazed. Why had no-one ever talked about it? Why did the international company selling it know nothing about it?

Many long hours on the net yielded the answer. We were far behind Japan in research of this form of water. Japan already knew and understood the many benefits of the water, and were under no misapprehensions about where the benefits came from. They had been studying the effects of molecular hydrogen as a therapy since 2005.

Yet in 2007 only one scientific study had appeared in the Western science review literature, written by a Japanese team. The West had completely ignored it.

Today, there are 700+ scientific studies of the therapeutic effects of hydrogen water, spanning over 150 disease modalities. Most are still Japanese, but Western scientists are slowly catching on.

What about Tyler?

He was threatened by some industry leaders and told not to ‘rock the boat’. He was ridiculed in large MLM meetings. He was told to remove his Facebook group. Why? Because, it seems, the one truth that has changed everything was not good news to companies not nimble enough to update their old electrolysis technologies.

He is now the leader of a growing band of industry professionals (including us) who realised the truth and the science of what he was saying. He has established the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation where anyone can see the studies plus an excellent simple language explanation of everything to do with molecular hydrogen.

But what about the industry? Amazingly, the big players have been very, very slow to embrace the truth. But this has not prevented many small companies creating some excellent technologies for far less cost than the big MLM’s products. BREAKING THEM DOWN:



The 3 types
The Filtration factor
The Calcium problem
pH Water
Beauty Water
Ranges of water best for use. 


Basic principles
Water requirements


Basic Principles
The Filtration factor
The Calcium problem
pH Water
Alkaline water
Ranges of water best for use. 


How they work
pH water

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