H2Blue Reagent Hydrogen Water Test Kit


H2Blue Reagent Testing Kit

With the H2Blue you can

  • Measure the concentration of Dissobled Hydrogen Gas (H2) in Water in mg/L (Parts per million / ppm)
  • Measure Dissolved Hydrogen Gas in Water Produced by a Variety of H2-Water-Generating Technologies including: Electric ionizers, Alkaline Ionizers, H2 Water Filters, Hydrogen Infusion Machines (HIM’s), Tablets, Sticks, Bubblers, Reactor Cartridges, Hydrogen Water Bottle etc.
  • Insure that your H2 Device is Operating at Peak Performance by Monitoring the Level of Dissolved Hydrogen Monthly
  • Great for Demonstrating the Presence of Dissolved H2 -Place a Few Drops in any H2 water and Watch Them Turn Clear
  • Accurately Test H2 Water in the pH Range of 4 – 10
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H2Blue Reagent Hydrogen Water Test Kit is a reagent (liquid) which can be used to measure the concentration of dissolved H2 gas (in mg/L or ppm) in hydrogen rich water. When the drops are placed into water containing dissolved molecular hydrogen, the blue drops turn clear. One 10mL bottle contains enough reagent to do approximately 50 hydrogen-level measurements. Comes with a graduated beaker/storage container.

H2Blue reagent is the preferred retail tester for measuring Hydrogen levels.
Each drop represents 0.1ppm of Molecular Hydrogen.

1) Fill the beaker with 6ml of hydrogen water such as UltraStream water.
2) Squeeze 1 drop of the H2Blue reagent into the beaker, the water should turn clear if H2 is present.
3) Keep adding drops until the water stop turning colorless.
4) Stir gently with a stirrer where necessary to help the H2Blue Reagent dissolve faster.
5) The final drop which does not turn clear will determine the H2 level. (If you dropped 12 drops, it will be 1.2ppm)

Video Example

Testing the Hydrogen level of Ultrastream using H2blue reagent hydrogen water test kit.
H2blue reagent turns from blue to colourless in the presence of Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

1 drop of H2 blue reagent = 0.1ppm or 100ppb
10 drops were added initially and upon stirring to mix the solution, it turns clear showing the presences of at least 1ppm of H2.
2 more drops were added and the water remained blue.
Final results shows 1.1ppm to 1.2ppm of Hydrogen in the water.


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