(Actually, a long history. Alkaline water is consumed regularly by around half the world’s population already). Almost all of America, most of Europe and much of China have alkaline (hard) water.

There’s certainly no argument that alkaline water is good for health and longevity. 

On this website, you’ll find an excellent metastudy showing the beneficial effects of drinking water with alkaline minerals in it.

So we aren’t selling a water filter that just adds alkaline minerals to your tap water. If you are new to this subject the obvious question is… why are people buying alkaline water or alkaline water filters?

Well, we confess… for the last 12 years, we believed our alkaline water was superior to natural alkaline water. The stories we received from our happy clients seemed to prove our point! Yes, alkaline water is good for you. But the water systems we offer do something very different, something unavailable in tap water – even alkaline tap water.

Here’s our breakthrough secret.

We learned only 3 years ago that all the benefits of our water come from the molecular hydrogen that is infused into the water as it passes through our water system. On these pages, you’ll discover much more about our discovery.

On this website you’ll be able to make an educated decision; one that we guarantee will save you thousands and give you more molecular hydrogen than any other system tested to date.

We are presenting these facts based on 16 years of experience plus some serious help from biochemist Tyler LeBaron of the Molecular hydrogen Foundation, and many other great people supporting the hydrogen revolution. To all of these people., thank you!

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