Filtration Technology – Unique 8 step Natural filtration process

For ‘No-Compromise people.. like you.


World renowned patented media. neutralises heavy metals, reduces scale, reduces sulphur taste and effects, filters carbon and chloramine, bacteria.  KDF = Kinetic Diffusion Reflux.


Around 8 times the filter capacity of ordinary carbon. A far superior ‘workhorse’ filtration media than ordinary carbon. California (green) approved. Filters chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, lead, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, THM’s, disinfection byproducts and many, many more.

O-Dobi Beads

Sourced from Japan, it took us a decade to find this amazing slow release media, which not only augments our daily Magnesium uptake, but also creates high levels of infused molecular hydrogen.

Crystal Quartz

Provides a final ‘sweetening’ and energising effect on your ultra pure water, imparting its own energy signature to the water.

Fluoride Reduction

Proprietary fluoride reduction media based on pure sapphire crystal. Tested in stringent AU University laboratory and EU certification. Reduces fluoride to high level (see double dose lab tests)

Anti Bacterial Protection

Multilevel bacterial protection using fibre separators for each filtration level plus antibacterial effect using KDF. EPA approved plastics used throughout.

Tourmaline Crystal

Pressed into a bioceramic form, Tourmaline imparts Far Infra red energy to your water, creating a softening effect.

Ceramic Magnets

Magnetic fields stabilise the pH and H2 change in your water giving it longer lasting effect than non-magnetic field water.

World leaders in water hydration, filtration and ionization!



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